Free Mail Server & Webmail: XMail Server Lite

XMail Server Lite is an open source & free mail server with an Ajaxed webmail bundled to it.

It is compatible with Window & Linux OSs with 2 different installers provided.

XMail Server Lite

The server is capable of managing SMTP/ESMTP & POP3 protocols with web-based administration panel.

It supports unlimited domains/users including virtual domains & aliases.

XMail Lite also offers anti-virus integration, bayesian filters (for spam protection) & a logging functionality of all the activities.

The Webmail Lite can display folders/nested folders, has an address book, multilingual & much more.

Tip: The webmail can be downloaded & installed as a standalone product too (from here).

  • Huum, looks very nice!
    It solves a lot of issues dealing with mail interfaces

    I will test..

  • golive

    yes and although a “lite” version it´s not stripped down to unusability ….

  • XMail Server Lite is wonderful. Thanks

  • Micah Ness

    Does it prevent backscattering?