Free MySQL Database Manager – MyDB Studio

MyDB Studio is a free MySQL database manager application that has almost every feature you can expect for.

It can connect to an unlimited number of databases. If they are behind a firewall or local-only, there is support for SSH tunneling to overcome that.

Databases, tables and records can be created, edited or deleted, they can be backed up/restored and exported into multiple formats.

MyDB Studio

The interface of MyDB Studio is very friendly, switching between data and design views is very fast and treeview of databases>tables>columns helps working effectively.

There is a WYSIWYG editor or designing and running SELECT queries on single or multiple tables.

And, as an original feature, it can automatically create PHP code for displaying data from tables.

P.S. The application is currently Windows-only but a cross platform Adobe AIR version is on the way.

  • Hi!
    I really enjoy your daily posts and found a lot of useful stuff on your site.

    There is an other mySQL-Manager i’d like to recommend. Heidi-SQL ( – It has everey feature I can think of, is free and comes with a really nice GUI.


  • @dac-xp,

    Thanks so much for following WRD.

    I’m aware of HeidiSQL since it was being called as MySQLFront.

    To be honest, I was thinking the resource was already shared at WRD under the name MySQLFront but seems it is not.

    I’ll be sharing it soon, thx very much.

  • Alex

    Hi Umut,

    MySQLFront _was_ initially developed by the same person who is now working on HeidiSQL. In the last few years an other team was working on MySQLFront until it was discontinued last year. So, HeidiSQL is a completly new tool with new code and has no bugs that MySQLFront has had in last versions.


    (working with MySQLFront / HeidiSQL more than 6 years)

  • Utum, thank you so much for sharing MyDB Studio! Prior to this post, I had been using phpMyAdmin for all my DB management, never hearing of either MyDB Studio or HeidiSQL. I’m looking more into HeidiSQL now but I am thoroughly enjoying using MyDB Studio.

  • MYDB- studio crashed with error, i tried to install and work on win2k3 version 1.3

    Une erreur est survenue au moment de l’ouverture de la fenêtre ‘Main’.
    Une erreur système inattendue est survenue.
    Si cet incident se produit de manière systématique lorsque vous exécutez les mêmes manipulations, il est conseillé de transmettre au Support Technique Gratuit :
    – une description des circonstances de l’incident
    – les lignes de code, une fenêtre ou un projet permettant de reproduire le problème
    – les informations techniques suivantes

    Détails techniques :

    xceptionFilter() + 1216 bytes
    Erreur système : Access violation (GPF)
    EIP = 00382404
    OS : Windows XP ou .NET Service Pack 2(5.2.3790)


    Informations techniques

    Projet : MyDB studio

    Dump de l’erreur du module .

    – Appel WL :
    Fonction , n° de syntaxe

    – Niveau : erreur fatale (EL_FATAL)

    – Code erreur : 1020

    – Code erreur WD55 : 0

    – Pas de code d’erreur système

    – Pas de message d’erreur système