Free PHP User Management Script: LOG.ME.IN

LOG.ME.IN is a free PHP user management script for easily protecting site content and displaying it to only registered users.

It is also an instant solution for creating the common membership modules like sign-up, login or "forgot password".


The script uses MySQL as the database and has a web-based installer for a quick installation.

LOG.ME.IN has a strong focus on security: it is integrated with reCAPTCHA, performs a safe session handling and SQL injection/XSS proof.

And, it has a back-end to manage users (listing, editing and deleting them).

  • Gav

    Looks good!
    Can anyone remember the other user management class on this site a few months back? I have no idea what it was called but i’ve been trying to hunt it down 🙂

  • Frank

    @gav user_cake

  • Josh

    This script seems to use the authors e-mail address for the admin contact instead of the one supplied during installation, to change it open functions.php and look under “function contact_admin(“

  • pifoux

    don’t work at home, because is not PHP5 (<? not <?php)

  • Arg, all the functions and the variables are not scoped ;-( and no prefix ….

    They should move everything to a class such as “LogMeIn::$currentSession” or rename to logmein_showLoginForm() ….

    Else, its 100% unusable in a real project ….

  • Bill

    This is horrible, avoid it.

  • Rahul

    amazing script..thanks for this one 😉

  • Yep, the script has problems in it.

    1. After you install it, your admin account it’s not recognized, so you may want to review mysql db (useless though).

    2. The problem pointed above, by Josh.

    3. There is no real manual of how you’re supposed to overcome certain problems, or a forum / Q&A space.

    All in all, from a 1 – 10 scale, I’d give it a 4, mostly for the quick response time.

    The script is useless.

    If anyone knows another one that works I’d be gratefull.

  • Ok, I’ve tested this a few times, they don’t have a manual or something but if you pay attention to details you’ll figure it out pretty fast.

    1. After the install, to log in as admin you need to go to

    The the right login path for the admin.

    2. The “Josh problem” it’s a minor one, easily fixable

    3. This could consist as a kind of a problem, the lack of documentation. Still, I repeat, if you pay a little attention, you’ll get it quick.

    The script it’s NOT USELESS, you just haven’t try to look behind and think a little. It’s a nice script and it sure does look nice.

    For a scale, I’d give it an 8.

    Be grateful.

  • Manmohan Brahma


    Hopefully Site expired. Please do add it in

    Open Source Enthusiast , India

  • Hi,

    site seems to be down, does anyone have the package on his space and could offer it to me please?


  • Sergiu

    Yep, it’s down. Would like to use that myself.