Free SEO Toolkit From Microsoft

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit is a free tool from Microsoft for improving a website’s relevance in search results.

It simply analyzes a website & recommends how to make your new or existing site content/structure more search engine-friendly.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit

Some features of SEO Toolkit:

  • full-featured crawler engine
  • query builder interface that allows you to build custom reports
  • display of detailed information for each UR
  • ability to manage robots.txt file
  • ability to manage sitemap.xml file

It requires an IIS7 enabled computer to run which is basically Vista, Windows 7 or Server 2008. After that it can analyze any local or remote website.

P.S. Besides standard installation, SEO Toolkit can be installed easily using the Microsoft Web Platform.

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  • The analysis of local site is a great feature ! Thanks for sharing

  • You say that this needs IIS … does that mean that it only spiders your local site, or can it SEO analyse any site on the web? Many thanks.