Free Tileable Photoshop Patterns By WebTreats

WebTreats ETC is presenting 35+ sets of free tileable Photoshop patterns.

Every pattern is very creative & beautiful enough for adding a twist to any design.

Some of them are:

Free Photoshop Patterns

Images used are generally very large (740px+) & download packages include both the .PAT and .JPG files.

P.S. The website also offers some free Photoshop brushes, PSDs & icons.

  • zabrus

    This is OT, but I’m just so fed up with this “35+” thing. What is then, 36? 37? God forbid a whole 38?

    This is soooo childish. (Don’t get me wrong, this not against WRD, but the stupid trend where there MUST be numbers and + signs on the cover of every magazine).

  • @zabrus,

    I see your point. The reason behind 35+ was, the website adds new resources every week/month and the “+” makes the title valid for at least a few months.

    With the trend, there are points that I agree with you, specially when big numbers are used for camouflaging a non-informative content.

  • Thanks for listing our site!