Free Tool For Creating Flash Animations: Giotto

Flash is losing blood, that's for sure and there is a chance that you may have already quit using it. However, it is still the most powerful platform on creating animations for the web and there can be cases that we need it.

Giotto is a free tool (Windows-only), focused on designers rather than developers, for creating Flash animations easily.

Vectorian Giotto

It has a Flash-like but a little simplified user interface that helps you feel comfortable using it  with ready-to-use effects, ability to draw or import shapes and built-in animations (all without coding).

If you prefer to dive into ActionScript code, there is support for that too (but sadly, only AS1 and AS2)

  • Rey

    Great find! The UI looks nearly the same as flash UI so there shouldn’t be a big learning curve.

    Hopefully they will add other formats for exporting besides swf.

  • Thanks for the tool! The use of flash is really going down. Like what steve jobs said that flash is had its days and waning.

  • WhitneyR

    Awesome tool for making animation for teaching kids. Thanks!

  • sharjeel

    I’m looking for a flash gallery with horizontal image movement, controlled by mouse movement something like this can this produce such galleries especially with XML?