Free vCard Website Template – HTML vCard

HTML vCard is a free-to-use vCard website template which created exclusively for WRD readers by Muhammad Shahbaz Saleem of eGrappler.

It is a single-page, mini website that is powered with JavaScript (jQuery) and focuses on quickly displaying information about a person.

Free vCard Website Template

jQuery Drag'n Drop Demo

By default, there are 3 pages which are presented with a sliding effect: About, Work and Contact.

"About" is pretty straightforward, the place where you mention details about yourself, list your skills, etc.

"Work" is an image gallery with paging to feature a portfolio (it has Lightbox support as well).

And, the "Contact" page, it is a fully-functional PHP contact form with validation. It can work with and without SMTP authentication as well.

Few setup details

The template is completely static except the contact form which requires PHP to function.

If you would like the contact form messages being e-mailed to you with SMTP authentication, there is a "mail.config" file in the root folder to setup those details.

That's all.


Use it freely (except re-distributing it without permission). No backlinks are required.

  • Jagan

    This is simple and awesome. very useful for parking pages also. 🙂
    Can i use this as a coming soon or parking page in the websites i design?
    thanks a lot.

  • This is great, thank you very much! I will use it as my vcard for sure.
    Keep up the good work.

  • weii

    Why can not trigger the send e-mail button?

  • Is there any conditions and terms to use that?

  • @Kedar,

    You can use it in your free or commercial projects without attribution.

  • Can i use this as a coming soon or parking page in the websites i design?
    thanks a lot.

  • @George,

    Yes, feel free to do so.

  • Hi Admin,

    Can you repair the URL for download?
    It’s not working/downloadable, thanks.

  • Rajinder Kaur

    it is very useful information. I will follow it. Thanks for sharing