Free Vector World Maps Collection


Free vector world maps can not be found easily as there are only few around.

I needed a world map for a project of mine for showing visitor activities on a map and found very nice ones that I’m pleased to share with you.

World maps are very handy specially with the increasing use of mapping APIs etc..

Here is a collection of free vector world maps that you can use in your projects:

Free Vector World Maps from Digital Vector Maps:

Free vector world maps as well as dozens of other paid professional vector world maps.

Oval Vector World Map

Free Vector World Map With Nice Colors:

Free Vector World Map

Vector World Map In Blue & White

Free World Map

Free World Map In SVG Format

Different versions of this SVG World Map can be found at the same address.

World Map SVG

Detailed Vector World Map With Selectable Countries

Detailed Vector World Map

Free World Map In Black & White

Free World Map Black White

Vector World Map With Country Names

Vector World Map

World map (EPS file)

EPS World Map

Dotted Vector World Map

Vector World Map

Dotted World Map In Black & White

Dotted Vector World Map

High-Tech World Map

High-Tech World Map

Ancient Vector World Map

Vector Ancient World Map

Old World Map Image (not in vector but high quality)

(Requires free membership)

Old World Map

You can share the other world maps that you know to make the list better.

  • Awesome, thank you!

  • Maybe i should add this to the SVG link resource:

  • The UK is missing from the b+w dotted map. I’m devistated

  • @Matthew,

    In the screenshot , yes it is missing but the download page has the “Dotted world map vector V1.1″ which includes U.K.

  • I would like to contribute my small contribution to complete your good list:

    It is an illustration of a map somewhat peculiar in vector format (EPS), meeting in VECTEEZY. Here is the link to download.

    In DEZIGNUS provides us with an image that simulates an old map in vector format, size is 1.8 MB and is in EPS format. In the article Ancient world map in vector, you can make the download.

    This vector map in white and black is Inoue Keisuke, where are good collections of maps in EPS format, with layers, there are also versions in GIF, 100% white with names of countries and areas.

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    Thanks, I’ve added them too.

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    Who’d’ve thought that the CIA had something to add here. They have d’loadable vector maps of every country on the planet if you need them. For free.

  • Alright, not sure who’s ripping who off here, but the old world map was a free vector download from iStock a bit ago. I’m sure iStock won’t be pleased that it’s claimed to be on someone else’s website. Here’s the link if you’d like to download it:

  • @John,

    Thanks for the info.

    I don’t believe that anybody is ripping iStock. Dezignus must have found the map as free in a website other that iStock and didn’t know it existed on iStock I think

    I’ve updated the links for it.

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    this is awesome! we never seem to have the right map around the office (because the software we use turns them into .psd files) having vector options is soooo much better. thank you! thank you!

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    The one with the selectable countries has at least Indonesia wrong — the big islands all have a different color as if they are different countries. I wouldn’t pick that one.

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    Thanks for sharing these precious links. The one from Adobe’s page was usefull for me.

  • Very nice maps
    I like the World Map With Country Names

  • great list of vectors.

  • Very nice maps and good articles. I prefer vector maps rather than the rasters one.

  • Mmm free vectors! Thank you for the fantastic collection, it will be put to good use.

  • Brilliant collection, thanks for sharing, these will come in handy for my next web design.

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  • So these are Free, can I have permision to use them in a marketing Video.

    Some of our work includes


  • Dezignus runs stuff that does not belong to him all the time. I’ve tried to contact him about taking down some Photoshop brushes that are sold through their creator at Renderosity but got no response, and from talking to the creator, apparently, he got the same result. I have to believe he is fully aware of what he is doing and doesn’t care. Beware of anything available for download from that site.

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    I really like the dotted/squared ones

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    Great list, Check out this site for free vector graphics packs

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    This resource has saved me loads of time. I was going to do the dotted version myself from scratch… until a friend at another agency told me about this website. Top notch stuff. Saved a couple of hours for sure!

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  • Thank you very much for these maps. We would like to use some of these images in our website (to be launched soon). We will make due reference and we ask that you grant us the permission. We are a charitable organization registered in the Fiji Islands and we intend to spread the message of salvation and hope in our website. I would like to use some of your images in this website. Thank you again for your website and the maps you make available. It is a very big help to us and we ask that you accept our gratitude.

  • Hi Mosese,

    Nice to hear that you like WRD.

    Maps mentioned in the post are not created by me and when you click to them, you will be forwarded to their owner’s websites. You can check the licencing infos at those pages and if needed contact the owners at those websites.


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    simply fantastic, I love maps
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  • Brazil has free maps – the real deal.

  • KRON

    Country borders are not included, but literally hundreds of pdf format vector maps openable in AI in every imaginable projection:

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    Does anyone know where to find a vector (or a highresolution bitmap) – map of the southwesthern US (Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah)?



  • My favori vector s Old World Map Image (not in vector but high quality) , nice vector.

  • very nice i like the old world map!!!

  • I like it!

  • Here is a really beautiful worldmap that is completely free to use. It´s also huge 16000px wide.

  • Wow there are so many options to choose from.

  • Guys, is there any free political map in vector format?

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    For a talk next week and in a hurry, thanks for a brilliant set of options. This is what the www should be about!

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    All these free ones I found kind of suck. No real resolution. We needed a world map and I didn’t have hours to clean up something… got this one on TurboSquid and it rocks. Worth $75.

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    I would greatly appreciate your expert advice on a very old map i own, all the information i can provide is what is on the map, it is very old,hand colored the heading to the top reads ORBIS TERRA COMPENDIOSA DESCPITIO EX PERITILLMORUM CORIUS ORBIS GEOGRAPHORUM OPERIBUS DEFUMRA in small type the words AMVERPIE APID JOAJEM BATIFRAM VRICAR. YOUR ASSISTANCE IN THIS RESEACH WILL HELP ME UNDERSTAND THE ORIGIN OF THIS MAP. THE MAP IS IN FRAMED BUT DISCOLORED WITH AGE

  • @William,

    I’m not an expert on maps but a Google search gives this:

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  • Thank you very much for these maps. Here is allso really beautiful worldmap that is completely free to use.

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    Any where to find map/road cartography symbols? Such as highway markings, rivers, etc.

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    If you ever need to purchase royalty free vector maps, here is a great site:

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    So these are royalty free images? there not subject to copyright?

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    @ Matthew ‘Web Design’ Adams: if you open the dotted b+w world map you will find uk dotted at its place.

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    In "Vector World Map with Country Names" there is error in europe… Serbia shuld be on number 8 and Blegrade shuld be its capitol.. so Montenegro shuld be on number 9 with Podgorica its capitol.. it just that places are switched on this map.

  • thanks for the variety of map designs. I found the vector one with the selectable countries to be great for a project I have.

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