Free Version Control System – Bazaar

Bazaar is a free version control system for tracking project history over time and collaborating easily with other team members.

Whether you are a single developer or a group of developers (at the same location or working remotely) Bazaar does the job well.

Bazaar Version Control

It is an easy to learn and use system which can work on all major OSs. Also, compared to Git and Mercurial, it supports bound branches (an easier and safer way of implementing a centralized workflow).

There are many applications that can work with Bazaar like Loggerhead, a web interface for it or several IDE integrations.

  • Jon

    I’m using this, very nice for lone developer, no server required.

  • Yup, great svc, using it for a while now.
    Works well on windows too.

  • Consider Mercurial. I prefer that in my projects because it’s similar to GIT which works perfectly with branching and merging. Plus it’s supported by tortoise-hg, the GUI for mercurial and a shell integration. (available for almost every OS)


  • it is nice system

  • Tony the Tiger

    Best VCS, I have been using it for a while, works like a charm, there is also a Tortoise Bazaar tool and GUI for Windows, Mac and Linux.