Free Weather Icons Collection

Weather icons are very handy when displaying the weather status, generating a weather based content & more.

You can even customize the look of your website according to the weather conditions (CSS-Tricks has a nice tutorial on this).

There are beautiful free weather condition icons that can be used. Here is a collection of them:

Glossy Weather Icons

Free Weather Icons

Set contains 22 glossy weather icons.

Sizes are 16*16px to 128*128px. They are in both ICO & PNG format.

Weather Icon Set

Weather Icon Set

This set includes 10 icons & presented in a 1 PNG file.

Sticky Weather Icons

Sticky Weather Icons

47 sticky weather icons in PNG format.

All the icons in the set are very detailed 6 high quality.

Flat Weather Icons

Flat Weather Icons

47 flat weather icons in PNG format & 128*128px size with:

  • 8 color combinations
  • In English 6 German
  • Several combinations of some icons

Tick – Weather Icons

Free Weather Icons

A set of 38 high quality weather icons that includes almost every weather condition like sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy & more..

They are 128*128px size & in PNG format.

Iconbest – Weather Condition Icons

Weather Condition Icons

49 free weather conditions icons in PNG format & 128*128px sizes.

Weather Conditions Icon Set

Weather Condition Icon Set

32 PNG icons with snow, rain, thunder & more.

Info: The download file’s extension must be changed to .zip for opening the file.

Small & Big Weather Icons

Rain Snow Sun Icons

A set of 40 PNG icons with 2 different sizes: 35*22px & 80*50px.

Bubble Weather Icons

Bubble Weather Icons

39 bubble-like weather icons thet are both in GIF & PNG format.

Sizes are 50*50px, 150*150px & 250*250px.

Weather Sniffer – PSD Weather Icons

PSD Weather Icons

14 icons that comes with 2 variations: day & night.

They are in PSD format with all the layers & 58*54px size.

Rain Snow Fog Icons

This second weather icons set from Weather Sniffer has 22 unique icons, 66 in total: day and night & 3 different sizes: (28x25px, 38x34px, 56x50px).

Icons are in GIF format.

Sun Cloud Night Icons

This third set contains2 3 unique icons, 34 in total (day 6 night).

They are 65 x 65px size & in GIF format.

Vector Weather Icons

Vector Weather Icons

A vector icon set which comes with the .ai & .eps files.

7 Degress – Funny Weather Icons

Funny Weather Icons

47 (+ combinations of some) icons in PNG format & 128*128px size.

Glossy Weather Condition Icons

Weather Condition Images

~100 glossy weather icons in PNG format & 256*256px size.

Large Weather Icons

PNG Weather Icons

A set of 12 PNG files which are very large in size (suitable for customizing the size).

Pathfinder – Vector Weather Icons

Icon Set Of Weather Conditions

21 icons in PNG format (1 PNG file). They are free for non-commercial projects.

Very Detailed Weather Icon Set

Detailed Weather Icons

Beautiful weather icon set with 47 PNG icons in 128*128px sizes.  They are free for non-commercial projects.

Free Icons From Ganato – Weather Icons Set

Icons Of Weather

A set of 8 PNG icons in 32*32px & 48*48px sizes.

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    Wonderful icons. Thanks for great collection.
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    Great collection of weather icons! There are a few in there that I would definitely use.

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    Thanks for that. I’ve just fixed the link.

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    Really good weather icons and that too for free. Cool man.

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    Very cool icons. I love seeing examples of the same information being presented in different ways. Good post.

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    We just released a weather icon set you might find interesting:

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    Amazing icons. Added to the post.


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    Awesome Icon Sets

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    Hello, thanks for sharing these cool icons! Really useful.

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    There are some wonderful weather icons out there. More free weather icons can be found at

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    nice, great set of icons, might want to see if you could get the adobe illustrator files used to create them, either .ai .eps or photoshop file .psd

    thanks anyhows dude.

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    nice collection gonna use it somewhere 🙂

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