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Easy-To-Use JavaScript Charting Library: AwesomeChartJS

AwesomeChartJS is an open source JavaScript library for creating charts using the HTML5 <canvas> tag. The library is standalone (doesn't require any JS frameworks) and works very straightforward with an easy-to-use function. It supports multiple chart types: vertical and horizontal bar charts ...


Arbor.js – Graph Visualization Library With Web Workers & jQuery

Arbor.js is a graph visualization library built with web workers and jQuery. It provides an efficient, force-directed layout algorithm, abstractions for graph organization and screen refresh handling. The library doesn't force a specific method for screen-drawing and you can use it with canvas, SVG, or even ...


A PHP SVG Graph Library – SVGGraph

SVGGraph is an object-oriented PHP library for creating simple and interactive charts with SVG. There are multiple chart types supported like (3D) bar, line, (3D) pie and scatter where every chart has its own PHP class in a seperate file. So, you can use only the features you need. Charts can be customized in many ...


canvasXpress – Impressive Canvas Graphing Library

canvasXpress is a free JavaScript graphing library based on the <canvas> tag of HTML5. It supports multiple graph types including bar, line, dotplots, area, stacked, heatmaps, pie charts and more. The outputs are interactive as hovering over the items can display values. And, it is possible to customize ...


Drill-Down Bar Charts With jQuery: DDChart

DDChart is a jQuery plugin for creating bar charts where it is possible to digg the data deeper and deeper. It works by clicking a bar inside the chart and it can instantly display a new chart which focuses on that item. Charts are interactive, they respond to mouseovers with tooltips that include the data and ...


Google Finance-Like Charts With JavaScript: HumbleFinance

HumbleFinance is an HTML5 data visualization tool that looks and functions similar to the Flash chart in Google Finance. It makes use of the Prototype and Flotr libraries and is not limited to displaying financial data but any two 2d data sets which share an axis. The data needs to be stored in JavaScript ...


Powerful PHP Charts Library: JpGraph

JpGraph is a feature-rich PHP library for creating good looking charts. It has support for almost any chart type including bar, line, pie, scatter, radar, field, stock and much more. Some of the charts have the option to be created in 3D and they are all web-friendly (usually 2-3 kb). The library is very ...


Powerful HTML5 Graph Library: RGraph

RGraph is a free graph library that uses the HTML5 canvas tag. Using the library, it is possible to create a wide variety of graph types: bar, pie, donut, gantt, radar, funnel, bi-polar charts line and scatter graphs LED display meter odometer progress bar The charts are interactive (respond to ...


Data And Content Visualization: Simile Widgets

Simile Widgets is a set of open source web widgets for visualizing data & content. They are actually a spin-off from the Simile Project & improved over time by a community of open-source developers. Currently, it includes 4 widgets: Timeline Timeline is for creating an interactive display of events ...