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TextExt – Smarter Text Input Fields With jQuery

TextExt is a feature-rich jQuery plugin for improving the functionality of text input fields. The plugin is modular, can be extended easily and has features like tag inputs, filtering, auto-complete, placeholder text and Ajax (which are all plugins of TextExt). It can also display a custom arrow besides select ...


A Standalone Form Validation Library: Validate.js

Validate.js is a very nice JavaScript form validation library that is inspired from the CodeIgniter form validation API. The library is lightweight (~1kb gzipped), doesn't require any JavaScript frameworks and works in all major browsers (yes, including IE6). Validation rules that are used frequently like ...


Awesome Date-Time Picker For Mobile: Mobiscroll

Mobiscroll is a "wheel scroller user control" optimized for touchscreens to easily enter date and/or time which comes as a jQuery plugin. It is highly customizable where values can be anything (including images) and can even be used as an alternative to the default select control (dropdown list). The ...


A Tiny Framework For Beautiful Forms: Ideal Forms

Ideal Forms is a lightweight framework, built on the top of jQuery, for creating good looking and user-friendly forms. It converts standard <input> elements into ones with rounded corners having an attractive focus effect. And, radio + checkbox elements are completely customized. No images are used, they ...


Extremely Flexible jQuery Color Picker – ExColor

ExColor is a jQuery plugin for enabling users to select colors from a Photoshop-like color picker. It is attached to <input> fields and can be activated by simply calling a single-line function. The color picker's design is so flexible as every element used in the picker comes with 10 different design ...


Improved Auto-Complete For Input Fields With jQuery: Combogrid

Combogrid is a jQuery plugin for adding advanced auto-complete functionality to input fields. As the user types, it displays the list of possible results dynamically inside a paginated grid interface. Requests are sent via Ajax and results are returned in JSON (or JSONP for cross-domain requests) datatype. There ...