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Simplified & Lightweight Color Picker – Flexi

Flexi is a lightweight (4.3kb) color picker that doesn't use any images (thanks to SVG/VML), CSS or 1px hacks but only JavaScript. It is a standalone script that doesn't require any JavaScript frameworks and can pass the color selected in hexadecimal, HSV and RGB formats. The dimensions, position of the ...


JSColor – A Flexible JavaScript Color Picker

JSColor is a simple and very easy-to-implement JavaScript library that transforms any given input into a color picker. The picker is a hidden layer, doesn't use any pop-ups and can be positioned on any side of the input field. It has 2 modes; HSV (hue saturation, value) or HVS, can be set to display a default ...


PHP Library For Creating & Validating Forms – Zebra_Form

Building good-looking HTML forms which work well in every browser and applying client+server-side validation usually takes a serious development time. Zebra_Form, a free PHP library, handles this process very well and enables us to create secure and chic forms with a few lines of PHP code. The output can be ...


20° jQuery File Upload Plugin With Drag ‘n’ Drop Support

jQuery File Upload is a plugin for the popular JavaScript framework that helps handling file uploads. The plugin is based on open standards like HTML5-JavaScript and doesn't use Flash. For legacy browsers it falls back to an Ajaxed-like iframe-PHP solution. Multiple files can be selected, they can even be drag ...


Robust jQuery Form Framework – jFormer

Creating a well-functioning form, how simple or complicated it is, requires a serious effort as it has various ingredients including (cross-browser) design, validation, and usability. jFormer, a form framework built on top of jQuery brings a complete, easy-to-use and solid solution to handling them. It enables us ...


A Fun Way To Display Password Strength: Naked Password

Naked Password is a jQuery plugin which helps encouraging web users to enter stronger passwords, in a fun way. With a single-line-function, it adds a notification to any password field where a pixelated-lady gets naked according to the password entered. A very good thing about how the plugin functions is that it ...


Design Forms Online & Get The Source: is a free web application which enables anyone to design forms online and get the source files (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP). Without the need of a registration process, you can instantly start setting up a form with: any form field (including file uploads) tooltips for every item validation rules (with ...


Highly Customizable Form Validation With jQuery.validVal

jQuery.validVal is plugin for the popular JS framework which aims to simplify form validation. It can be used for validating any kind of HTML form (including Ajaxed ones) and works by defining the rules within class names. There are 3 default validations included ("required", "numeric" and ...