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Pinterest-Like Social Stream Displayer: Infinite-Social-Wall

Infinite-Social-Wall is an open source PHP-MySQL application for presenting any social activity in a Pinterest-like interface. The application can actually grab the content from any number of given RSS feeds but it has built-in styles and icons for social networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Github and ...


Display RSS/Atom Feeds With jQuery: FeedEk

FeedEk is a jQuery plugin for parsing and displaying RSS and Atom feeds. The plugin is so easy to use and can grab the feed items from any domain with a few lines of code. Just mention the feed URL, how many items to be displayed, description and publish date to be shown or not and that's all.


selfoss – A Flexible & Open Source RSS Reader/Aggregator

selfoss is an open source and lightweight web application that can fetch content from any number of sources. RSS is the content type supported by default, however, with its plugin system, any new source types (log files, e-mails, etc.) can be implemented by adding a single class. The application has a ...


Open Source Google Reader Alternative – Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source and web-based feed reader application that offers a desktop-like user experience. It is built with PHP, uses MySQL or PostgreSQL for storing data and makes use of the Magpie and SimplePie libraries (check PHP RSS Parsers) for fetching the feeds. The interface is completely Ajaxed, ...


Desktop Client For Google Reader – WebReader

One of the best ways to keep getting inspired and informed regularly is following the feeds of the websites we like. And, Google Reader is the most popular application used in this case, thanks to the simplicity and price it offers. WebReader is a free and cross-platform application that carries Google Reader to the ...


Display Feeds And E-mails With Style – Newswall

Newswall is an open source web application that can display feeds and e-mails from any number of sources. It shows the items as blocks in a dynamical way: the browser width determines the number of blocks per row. Also, depending on the text size of a message, the block contains text only, a header image and text ...


PHP RSS Reader Gets Better With New Version

PHP RSS Reader, a free application with a paid/premium version that was shared before at WRD, now has a new version with nice features. The application can crawl any number of feeds and can organize them inside categories created. Similar to how Google News does, it can now show related news articles appear below ...


Feed-Based Data Aggregator: Managing News

Managing News is an open source application that aggregate RSS/Atom based content with search, republishing and mapping. It is built on Drupal and 30 other open source resources (mostly Drupal modules) and can display the content as list or on a map (by geotagging them). Using Managing News, it is possible to ...