Ident Engine: A JavaScript Library To Fetch Social Network Profiles/Activities

Ident Engine is an open source JavaScript library that can bring together the footprints every user leaves on various social networks.

The library supports more than 70 sites, including all the popular ones like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or Youtube.

Ident Engine

From Glenn Jones, the creator of the library:

Wouldn’t it be a little magical if, when you signed up for a new site, the site said something like, “We notice you have a profile photo on Flickr and Twitter, would you like to use one of those or upload a new one?”

Ident Engine makes this totally possible.

It analyzes the relations between various networks using the rel="me" tags & Social Graph API’s "lookup" method.

And, to parse the profiles Yahoo’s YQL or a .Net parser, UfXtract is used.

More technical details can be found at "Discovering Magic", an article by Glenn Jones, and you can always check the demos to see the power of Ident Engine.