IE6 PNG Fix (More Features): DD_belatedPNG

DD_belatedPNG is a fresh IE6 PNG fix script with features where other solutions are missing.

It doesn’t use MSIE AlphaImageLoader filter so, it succesfully renders background-repeat and background-position.

IE6 PNG Fix Script

The script also fixes the IE6 grey background problem.

How to use it?

Very simple.

  • Insert the .js file to your code
  • Create another script node
  • Define the class the fix will be applied to, like:
    • DD_belatedPNG.fix('.png_bg');

That’s it.

P.S. It is adviced to use the script only for IE6 with conditional comments.

  • Too good to be truth!

  • dmsys

    Great! Thanks 🙂

  • Awesome, just what I need, thank you!

  • huh

    Problem is that didnt work

  • very good

  • Deena

    Great script, but i was wandering is there a solution for running the script without defining the classes needed?

  • It’s great to work !

  • JOnathan

    It not function for hover

  • Greyatly! ))) Thanks

  • We use this on all our web designs. Thanks!

  • finally a png fix that works right