30 Impressive & Versatile X Theme Examples

by Jun 15
x theme examples

If you’re in need of a WordPress theme that’s more powerful, multipurpose, and visually appealing than most every other WordPress theme ever to exist, you should consider using X, created by

The great thing about X is not that it has more features than we can count (though it definitely does), or that any type of website, big or small, can create a truly one-of-a-kind website using it (it’s that versatile). In fact, X is so successful because it goes beyond simple web design and functionality.

To give you a small glimpse into why X is such an amazing WordPress theme choice, you should know it comes with features like: 24/7/365 support, drag & drop page building, built-in SEO optimization, undo/redo history, role management, eCommerce support, customized social sharing, built-in contact forms, forum support, and automatic updating of both your theme and included plugins.

And that’s just the beginning.

So, if this sounds like something you want to do on your own WordPress site, read on to see some of the most diverse X theme examples we can find. We’ll highlight each site’s most notable design elements and functionality, so you can start thinking about how you’ll create your very own site once your decide X is the theme for you.

1. Utah Department of Human Services

utah department of human services

The Utah Department of Human Services is one of our best X theme examples. To start, it shows you how to place a lot of information into one website, without disrupting the user experience. With a sticky navigation menu, people can explore the site with ease, even as they scroll down webpages. And with an easy to see search icon, exploring the site without clicking around a lot is simple.

But perhaps most notable is the settings gear found at the top of the website. Since X theme features the inclusion WAI-ARIA roles in all of its templates, this website is 100% accessible. This means people can adjust the font settings so they can access the information they need.

2. Lumos Digital

lumos digital

Lumos Digital is a digital marketing agency and thus understands the importance of making a great first impression. When you see the neat hover effects on the images and text, you want to know more.

Interestingly enough, Lumos Digital also places their navigation menu below the fold, which is different than most websites. In fact, Lumos Digital is using the upper portion of their homepage like a landing page. After all, there’s a strong value proposition, a beautiful image, and a clear CTA button.

3. Billy Gene’s Restaurant

billy genes restaurant

Billy Gene’s Restaurant is a perfect example of how you might design your own restaurant website. That is, if getting more customers, sharing information, and encouraging private event signups are your goals.

For starters, there’s the masonry grid with images teasing their menu. Next, there’s the full width subscribe box encouraging more subscribers. And lastly, if someone needs to get in touch, the simple footer section comes with an address that links to Google Maps, a phone number, and an email. But best of all, there’s a dedicated private dining page that allows people to make reservations, which helps boost revenue.

4. Chat With Traders

chat with traders

Chat With Traders knows how to spark interest in site visitors from the get go. For example, it displays a large photograph and an email subscribe box (complete with a content upgrade).

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see an archive of sorts, complete with images, names, and links to some of the best podcasts Chats With Traders has to offer. And to make things better, since the X theme supports eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Chats With Traders is able to sell their very own swag in an attempt to monetize the site further.

5. SEO Rank Monitor

seo rank monitor

When you click on SEO Rank Monitor, one of our business X theme examples, the first thing you notice is the background changing  from white to a sleek patterned background. Looking below the homepage’s featured image, you’ll see a unique testimonials section. Comprised of just text, it rotates like a slider so you can see what everyone has to say.

In addition, SEO Rank Monitor includes X theme features such as custom social share icons matching the color scheme, a sticky header, and a detailed pricing table that’s part of the X theme Cornerstone page builder.

6. Corner House Photography

corner house photography

Corner House Photography starts by displaying a fullscreen banner across the top of the homepage with contact information. There’s also a neat video clip that showcases the team’s best work.

Beautiful image galleries make up a large part of this website’s webpages, so people can decide whether to hire them or not. And just to make sure you know how to contact Corner House Photography, there’s a tiny popup box that slides out of the corner of the screen with a phone number and email address.

7. New Life Church

new life church

New Life Church takes full advantage of the transition effects X theme offers site visitors trying to create unique websites. It also gives site visitors a way to get in touch, follow on social media, or navigate the website using the footer.

There’s a dedicated vlog section so that people that can’t attend services in person can watch online. And if you click the tiny (+) sign in the upper right hand corner of the site, you can easily access service times, contact information, and an opt-in box.

8. Braintek


Mega menus, organized text blocks, fun hover effects, and a dedicated reviews section is how Braintek uses the X theme to catch the attention of qualified leads. The footer section highlights all the important links on Braintek’s website with neat icons and descriptions. And if you need to see where they’re physical location are on a map, just click the arrow and open a Google Map to see.

The blogging section is organized neatly into articles and video content. This allows site visitors to look for the type of content they enjoy most. And since the custom social share icons scroll with users, following and liking Braintek is a cinch.

9. North Shore Goodies

north shore goodies

North Shore Goodies is built on an eCommerce platform and earns its spot in our roundup of X theme examples. Each product category has a name and image, encouraging people to click and buy. There’s a nice filtering based on things like popularity, newness, and price. And each product page comes with an image, description, related products, and reviews.

Beyond the online shop, there’s an automated image slider of featured products. And in an effort to highlight the more personal side of the brand, North Shore Goodies links to their story and reveals customer reviews.

10. Grace of Dance

grace of dance

Grace of Dance is a website that perfectly balances the feminine and masculine vibe, explicitly with colors. There’s also a dedicated news bulletin, community outreach, and photo gallery section that upon hover, reveals a tiny transition that matches the color scheme. The header is sticky for easier navigation. Plus, the social share icons are large so you can’t possibly miss them. And if you need an address, it can be found in the footer.

With the right X theme stack, and a few additional WordPress plugins, Grace of Dance created a membership site for its clients. And for anyone that’s already a part of the Grace of Dance team, there’s a detailed dance schedule laid out in an organized table for easy reading.

11. Karen Matheson

karen matheson

Karen Matheson is one of the few X theme examples that uses a large, fullscreen image slider to grab people’s attention. And to top it off, the homepage is a landing page. The only way to access other parts of her website is to use the CTA buttons or navigation menu.

When you click on some of the CTAs in the slider, you’re immediately taken to an online store. If you’re unsure about buying, there’s a convenient audio/video clip to check out. There are also related products customers can add to their cart instantly with one click.

12. Bullseye Location Software

bullseye location software

Bullseye Location Software uses a thematic background image with a pronounced value proposition and CTA button for people to click. Plus, the navigation menu is fixed so as people check out what this online business is about, they can easily click away and see more.

The features section is neatly laid out, just like X theme is known for. And as you scroll down the homepage, each image that appears next to text lazy loads. This not only keeps site speed and performance at an all-time high, it improves the user experience.

13. Red Meat Lover

red meat lover

Red Meat Lover starts by adding animation effects to their main CTAs on the large, slightly moving hero image.  They also add a video clip to pique interest and give people access to the YouTube channel. This strategy is a smart business move if reaching a broader audience is a marketing goal.

One thing that X theme doesn’t support out of the box, but is seen here, are PPC ad spots. While this may require extensive site customization on your part, it’s good to see how X theme can be adjusted. Lastly, it’s worth noting at the very bottom of the homepage the integrated Facebook feed that site visitors can view and interact with.

14. The Paw Sitter

the paw sitter

The Paw Sitter takes image animations, transitions, and effects a bit further than the other X theme examples in our roundup. For example, all photos of the pet sitter lazy load and slide in from the side of the site as you scroll. There’s also a cool looking banner section with dynamic number counts for things like the number of clients served, pets cared for, and more.

The services section has featured images and corresponding icons. This is important because X theme supports multiple icon font sets out of the box. There’s also a branded pricing table that people can click on to register for The Paw Sitter’s services. And if you’re an existing client, just log in to your account and pay online – it’s that simple.

15. The FroYo House

the froyo house

The FroYo House is a bright and colorful X theme example that works as a landing page. People have to click on the delicious looking images to access other parts of the website. And once they do that, the site reverts to a traditional navigation menu, making site exploration super simple.

Read their menu, learn about upcoming events, and even access the contact page that comes with a Google Map integration. And if nutrition is on your mind, access a quick nutrition guide or open up the full PDF version that’s just as colorful as the website itself.

16. Earnest Roofing

earnest roofing

Earnest Roofing has a mixture of light and dark color schemes to brand their online business. In fact, even the background image has a branded color scheme overtone, which just adds to parallax effect as you begin to scroll down the homepage.

What sets this website apart from our other X theme examples is the lightbox image gallery. Click on an image you like to enlarge it and scroll through the slider to see more if you want. When you’re done, go straight to the footer to request a quote, follow on Facebook, or get in touch via phone or email.

17. Tiny Tartan Tours

tiny tartan tours

Tiny Tartan Tours gives site visitors a beautiful look into what they can expect if they agree to use their services to tour Scotland with a fullscreen hero image and CTA button and value proposition overlay. The individual about, tours, and contact sections come with custom icons, text descriptions, and CTA buttons.

As you might expect, this tour company has plenty of image galleries for potential customers to check out. Luckily, since they’re using the X theme (which supports smart thumbnails), it won’t matter what type of device is accessing these galleries. The site speed and performance is never sacrificed and the user experience is always smooth. This will lend a hand in securing more tour signups.

18. The Cocktail Party

the cocktail party

The Cocktail Party has a plain design and limited functionality, but is still a great example of how the X theme caters to websites of all kinds. In addition to an image gallery, which many sites have, The Cocktail Party has a song gallery. But you’d never know there was so much loaded onto one website, because X is blazing fast.

One unique thing you can find on The Cocktail Party is the BIOGS section. This is biography section that starts off with short team introductions. If a site visitor wants to know more, they can click on a bio image and see a fuller introduction of that particular individual.

19. Joe’s Pizza & Pasta

joes pizza & pasta

Joe’s Pizza & Pasta applies a cool checkered-like transition to their large hero image, that also happens to get people hungry because it looks so good. Scrolling down, potential customers get a quick glimpse of what Joe’s Pizza & Pasta has to offer by way of imagery and text.

If you need to see where they’re located, click on the dedicated location page and view a Google Map of their exact cross streets. This is great for bringing more locals (and even tourists) in their doors. And in an effort to help provide as much information as possible, Joes’ Pizza & Pasta provides hours and a phone number on the same page.

20. Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club

minerva lodge tattoo club

Minerva Lodge Tattoo Club is another one of those X theme examples that place the navigation menu below the fullscreen image. Though it’s not quite below the fold, it’s close enough and has the same effect. It makes people scroll a bit down to stay engaged.

The images used throughout the website give prospective clients a look into what it’s like on any given day at the tattoo shop. And at the very bottom of the homepage, there’s a small section where people can access recent blog posts, which is yet another great way to boost site engagement. And if you want to stay connected, all you have to do is click some of the many available social share icons.

21. Creative Marketing Nerds

creative marketing nerds

Creative Marketing Nerds live up to their name in the design of their website alone. To start, they use bold color schemes that grab people by surprise and a humorous image introducing the brand. But in all the fun they don’t forget to add important things like a CTA button for requesting a quote, social proof in the form of numbers (with fun hover effects), a the services they provide.

Though this site has a lot of information crammed into one homepage, X theme allows for a organized grid layout. And because X is 100% fluid, thanks to its percentage grid, every site visitors regardless of screen type or size will be able to read with ease.

22. Yoga Design Lab

yoga design lab

Yoga Design Lab uses a slowly transitioning image slider on its homepage to show people what they’re all about. And a short time after being on the site, a lightbox popup appears enticing you to subscribe in exchange for 10% off your first purchase.

More than that, however, Yoga Design Lab has a full-fledged online store with everything one would need to enjoy yoga at its fullest. And interestingly enough, there is no language switcher translating the entire site. Instead, there’s a category filter in the shop that’s broken down into nations and translated (because X is translatable), which makes the shopping experience that much easier, no matter which country the customer hails from.

23. Tailored Fit Films

tailored fit films

Tailored Fit Films includes a beautiful homepage video background, which suits the overall elegance this site is going for. There are also stunning font pairings, plenty of whitespace, and cute custom social share icons so people can stay connected.

One of the most distinctive layouts Tailored Fit Films has is the combination of positive reviews surrounding the built-in contact form. It’s almost as though as people are filling out the form for more information, they can simultaneously read all the great things people have to say about the business.

24. Island Romance Honeymoons

island romance honeymoons

Island Romance Honeymoons takes a unique approach to their navigation menu. In fact, it’s a vertical menu, which is different on its own. But adding to that, it’s on the right side, which is something you don’t always see. This is why its included in our list of the best X theme examples.

Each menu item in the navigation has its own custom icon, and the sidebar holding the menu items is fixed as you scroll through webpages. And thanks to fact that X includes a navigation search bar in every one of their templates, Island Romance Honeymoons ensures people can find exactly what they’re looking for.

25. Fleet Kleen Services

fleet kleen services

Fleet Kleen Service’s standout web design elements include dynamic counts, custom social share icons, clickable trust signals, and video content. Not to mention, the homepage services block comes with featured images, small excerpts, and ‘Read More’ buttons.

Since Fleet Kleen Services work in so many areas, they take a lot of time outlining the positive reviews each area has accumulated, which is great for generating more leads. And as a way to provide added value to their customers, Fleet Kleen Services has an updated blog.

26. Surface 85

surface 85

Surface 85 is a stylish blog that seeks to empower women when it comes to style, beauty, and life. The navigation menu has dropdowns so you can find the type of content you really want to read. And since Surface 85 utilizes X’s built-in navigation search bar, running a quick search is a breeze.

The minimal style of this blog forces people to focus on what’s important: the beautiful imagery and inspiriting text. And with simple social share icons that are a deep shade of red to make them stand out a little, staying connected and updated on all things Surface 85 is never a problem.

27. Chick Art

chick art

Chick Art is another one of those X theme examples that uses the vertical navigation menu method. But this time, unlike Island Romance Honeymoons, it’s on the left hand side. On the right, view a whole host of images displayed in a masonry grid that make you want to click.

Though Chick Art only has one portfolio page (X supports multiple portfolios), it gives you a good idea what a portfolio can look like. And by clicking the (+) sign, you can easily filter the portfolio items and find what you’re looking for.

28. Embrace Your Inner

embrace your inner

Embrace Your Inner is part of our X theme examples as an online shop that also highlights other creatives to inspire others. There is only one single item in the online shop: the flagship t-shirt created to embody the entire movement.

The t-shirt you can buy has product variables such as color and size, which creates a better shopping experience. And for those that want to share the message Embrace Your Inner is aiming to spread, there are plenty of custom social share icons such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to click on.

29. Dr. Mišljenović

dr. mišljenović

As a business professional wanting to expand his clientele, Dr. Mišljenović takes full advantage of what X has to offer site owners. From cool color scheme blocking to high quality images that render on all device types, and organized pricing tables detailing the costs of different services, this X theme website goes beyond boring.

If you’re in town to receive specialized services by Dr. Mišljenović, don’t worry about trying to find a place to stay. He offers links to a nearby Airbnb that will work for your accommodation needs. And since X theme is fully translatable, Dr. Mišljenović gives his global patients a way to translate the site’s content.

30. Logo Glo

logo glo

Logo Glo uses material design for their graphics and beautiful color palettes, especially when it comes to their pricing table. They also have an impressive portfolio section showcasing some of their best work, in hope of generating more leads.

One thing making Logo Glo different than the other X theme examples is the live chat feature. And if the live chat representatives aren’t available, you can always leave your name, email, and message. Better yet, the live chat solution they use just might be one of the free extensions that come with an X theme package: Olark Live Chat.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! A diverse roundup of X theme examples showing you just how great this WordPress theme can be.

And for added help with launching your X theme website, be sure to read about the best domain name generators in the market that are designed to help you take your dreams of launching a website and make them a reality.

Have you ever used the X theme for your blog, online business, or eCommerce shop? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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