InfiniteWP – Control Multiple WP Installations For Free (Premium Add-ons Giveaway)

Today, many designers/developers and web agencies choose WordPress as the platform to create any type of client or personal websites.

As the number of WordPress sites owned/managed grow within time, it gets complicated to control all of them: their updates, backups, lots of login information, etc.

InfiniteWP is a free and self-hosted application (PHP-MySQL) that allows managing any number of WordPress installations from a single interface.


Under a single login, you can add all your WordPress sites  and perform plugin/version updates, backup/restores and manage themes for a single site or for all of them.

Besides these standard functions, new features can be added with premium add-ons like post or comment management, scheduling backups, generating client reports, Google Analytics integration, uptime monitoring and much more.

InfiniteWP Dashboard

For easier management, sites can also be categorized into groups (actions can be triggered on the group level too).

The application has a modern and easy-to-use interface which makes the usage a joy.

Huge discount for WordPress’ 10th birthday

InfiniteWP, for a limited time, is offering a heavily discounted “lifetime subscription” to its all premium addons + support to celebrate the 10th birthday of WordPress.

Any current and future add-ons + support for the lifetime is offered for $699 (which is normally valued for $5000+). If you plan to integrate InfiniteWP into your business, that’s  good deal.

The giveaway

Also, they are giving away “a preferred premium add-on” to 5 WRD readers.

In order to join, just comment to this post. Winners will be selected with the query below 1 week later (3 June 2013) and announced inside this post.

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Good luck to all.

The winners

  • mr (comment #1266057)
  • dotcompals (comment #1266034)
  • Tim (comment #1266015)
  • Robert (comment #1265984)
  • Bruno França (comment #1265980)

Congratulations and thanks very much for joining.

  • Thanks for the giveway ! Great product, I will try it 🙂

  • Gotfers

    Great plugin ! Would like a Premium add-on 🙂

  • Hey, free give awy – I’m in

  • I really like the idea of managing WordPress websites from one place. Even without the premium addons, it’s a great service – but I would really like one of those backup plugins if I won 🙂

  • I am currently using the free version of IWP and it is a really cool solution to the problems of keeping all your WP installs up to date and backed up. Well programmed AFAIK and the interface is smooth as.

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    Thanks for the great giveaway, hope I win the subscription.

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    What is the difference between InfiniteWP and multisites?

    Looks cool though …

    I would be more then happy to be one of the five happy few to win the contest …

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    Very interesting add-on to WordPress. I was looking for something similar….curious to see how product operates behind the scenes.

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  • Wow! Its exactly what I need… WRD you guys help us a lot with new stuff with regular update… Your blog is like my newspaper. I am reading each and every post every day… I love WRD <3.

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    More and more of these very handy management applications are being created. Makes life so much easier! ICT is all about being lazy after all ;-).

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    Have used InfiniteWP before and it’s pretty slick. Hopefully, I can get one of those premium addons!

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    Nice promo! InfinteWp is amazing tool!

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    yeha – realy nice !!!

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    Really want to win this, although I would give it to someone else if I decide to go with the lifetime license

  • After trying a few this self hosted solution for WordPress management seems the best.

  • Interesting tool. I’d definitely give this one a try if I win.

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    Infinitely valuable to me, a must have if you manage multiple WP sites. Would be thrilled to become part of the Lifetime Member Club.

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