Instant Sprite – A Solid, Web-Based And Open Source Sprite Generator

At WRD, several web-based sprite generators were shared in the past and here is another good one named Instant Sprite.

Instant Sprite allows us to add any number of images using a standard file input or drag 'n' drop.

It uses the Canvas and File API so that files are not uploaded anywhere.

Instant Sprite

Once the images are selected/loaded, we can remove or reorder them easily.

The application has an option to define the offset between images and also the direction of the sprite (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).

We can set the naming methodology for the "to be generated class names" using prefix, suffix and/or regex for complicated ones.

The sprite image is offered in PNG + GIF and the CSS + HTML required is generated instantly.

Instant Sprite is also open source which is nice for anyone willing to host or improve it.