Faster Google Maps Integrations With GMaps.js

Google Maps, like any other Google product is already easy-to-use and their API is not that complicated to work with.

However, things can always be simpler and GMaps.js, a feature-rich jQuery plugin, helps consuming Google Maps much easier.


Besides adding a standard map of a specific location, we can define the zoom level, add markers, get the location of a user (HTML5 geolocation), define routes, draw polylines and more with only few lines of code.

And, it has callbacks on every action to integrate any custom events. GMaps.js is not documented in detail, however, it has examples of each feature.

  • AL

    Example Maps all show OK,
    in latest Chrome browser.

    NO example maps
    are shown at all in latest Firefox v. 12.
    Only a solid blue square shows,
    (where the Example Map should be instead…).

    (XP-Pro v3 32 bit here).

  • I’ve been using this javascript for a while now, and it makes it a lot easier to create functional maps. Thanks for sharing again!

  • Elanzed

    Great one, thanks.