Interaction Design Tool For Webpages: IxEdit

IxEdit is an easy-to-use & free tool which aims to simplify the implementation of interactions on a web page, specially for anyone who is not experienced in JavaScript.

This interaction design tool is built with JavaScript & needs to be embedded into the webpage being edited. With the help of a modal-box-like interface, interactions created will be applied instantly.

Interaction Design Tool

Rather than totally new scripts, IxEdit generates jQuery & jQuery UI code using the parameters specified.

Interactions are stored in a local database (Google Gears), so, anything created won’t be lost even if the page is refreshed or closed.

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  1. Reply אתר הכרויות September 13, 2009 at 5:12 PM

    This is awsome !!!! It help me a lot.. thanks !

    אתר הכרויות

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