Interactive & Re-Usable Charts With D3.js: NVD3.js

NVD3.js is an open source charting library that is built on top of the impressive D3.js.

The library follows the practices an style of "how D3.js was built" which makes it comfortable for D3.js fans.

Charts generated are interactive and can be easily improved or customized.

Although it is in the early stages of its development, there are already multiple chart types including line, bubble, area and several combinations of them.


  • Thanks for the post, and all the attention. I’m getting very close to releasing 1.0.0. I still need to devote time to making the examples more useful, maybe a tutorial or two, as well as setting up a blog and/or forum to communicate with the community.

    If anyone has any questions I’ll try my best to answer them.