Internet Speed Test With

Whenever you’re browsing a website & it is too slow, you may wonder whether it is your connection having a problem or the server who is hosting the website. is an internet speed test application, with a very attractive Flash interface, that you can test the speed of your web connection.

Internet Speed Test

Whatever your connection type is: DSL, cable or a T1 connection, with just a click, you can start the internet speed test. It will run download, upload, connection and ping tests to give you the result.

At the end, it is no different then other speed test applications but as a designer or developer, using may be more fun.

  • Dave

    Not as detailed as and my results seemed much slower.

  • psnt

    the only problem I see with it is that it calls 520kbit internet “Excellent”… Excellent is a word I would use for 500Mbit 😡