iPhone Emulator & Development Tool – MobiOne

MobiOne is a powerful and free iPhone and Palm Pre emulator (currently for Windows only) with a drag-n-drop mobile-web visual designer for mockups and mobile HTML code generation functionality.

It has various mobile design templates, updated OSS components, screen capture, multi-touch, gesture support and more.

MobiOne iPhone Emulator

The tool doesn't require any SDK to be installed as it takes advantage of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for development.

MobiOne also supports PhoneGap (an open source, JS-based mobile development toolkit)

  • You are joking?

    An iPhone development tool for PC only lol

  • amazin stuff , we dont need mac os anymore develop iphone apps 🙂

  • Talk about a paradox, iPhone tool – pc only!

  • No enterprise is standardized on Macs, of course it makes sense to build iPhone apps on a PC – that’s the prevalent machine at corporations, universities and at home.

  • William R. Cousert

    Macs with Intel CPU’s can run Windows – http://www.apple.com/macosx/compatibility/

    You can get Windows 7 for as little as $29.99 if you are a student, or know one willing to buy it for you.


  • dom

    This is great for me as i don’t have a mac which means i have to wait for a binary before i can see what its going to look like

  • Rob

    Not to devalue this product, but to clarify:

    This is only useful for creating WEBPAGES that take advantage of iphone web enhancements. You cannot write a general-purpose iPhone app. You CERTAINLY cannot write a graphics-heavy game with this.

  • ryan

    To reply to that its perfect for web dev but they made the app commercial now.

  • Lord Spectre

    This is NOT free!

  • @ryan,

    Yes, it is pretty bad seeing a free app going paid. However, this is the usual way of how to keep the quality.

  • dm15111

    Can this program create game apps for Iphones? Or does it only do websites. And what is the use of a website app?