iPhone-Like Password Masking With MooTools: PassShark

PassShark is a MooTools class for masking password fields similar to iPhone: showing the last typed character for a while & masking it later.

It is an install-then-forget solution as after inserting the passshark.js file into your website, the class will be finding the password fields automatically & applying the masking.

MooTools iPhone-Like Passwords

PassShark has few option like defining the "interval it checks for the newly enteres characters" or "the character inputs are replaced with".

It is an unobtrusive class & works in all major browsers.

  • Great, i use mootools for my website

  • Any jQuery alternative?

    Also, why is it that every attempt at copying it results in very badly rendered circles? Take a look at the ones in the screenshot…they look really pixelated for some reason :/