iPhone Unlock Interface With XHTML-CSS-jQuery

Marcofolio.net is presenting a nice tutorial (with source files) for creating the famous iPhone unlock interface with XHTML-CSS & the slide effect via jQuery.

Although there are missing features from the standard effect like "the slider not going back", it is still inspiring & can be used to create a form control (like captcha) or present a content in an iPhone like interface.

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iPhone Unlock Interface

For the slider, jQuery UI’s slider component is used.

For a demo of this interface, click here.

  • Raul Riera

    I guess this is useful for a iphone web app, for a normal application is not that user friendly

  • I love the idea of a CAPTCHA. Unfortunately. I tried it with my iPod Touch and it doesn’t work, which was somewhat as a given.

    However a great post.
    Thank you

  • ani2nil

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    i need your help
    what r the need for run run application for
    i phone
    what r your software need to run hello word
    i iphone