jQuery File Upload Plugin

This is a jQuery plugin for creating a file-upload functionality quickly & easily.

It inserts a Flash browse button (that can be customized) in to the webpage where users can select a single file or multiple files and view the upload progress.

jQuery File Upload Plugin

The plugin comes with a PHP file for uploading the files. But that can be converted to any language of your preference.

There are various customization options provided like:

  • Paths of the files used & the folder where files will be uploaded
  • Enable/disable multiple uploads
  • Browse & cancel buttons used
  • Extensions & size limit allowed
  • Enable/disable auto-upload after selection
  • Callback functions at every step

It comes with the FLA file too & a demo can be found here.

  • Renzo

    Is just the solution that the people claimed all the time for some script similar to FancyUpload of Mootools. Good Article!

  • Thomas

    I am not sure it was fixed, but when you use a flash uploader with firefox, it operats in a separate session than the user! So dont forget to pass some UUID …

  • bilal

    i think the big part of the world uses ie , so why we would not try to make it compatible with ie’s Browsers ?

  • The idea is good, but the demo on the website does not even work with firefox. Doesn’t exactly make me want to use it.

  • without flash is there any upload using jquery

  • How to upload with iframe

  • rlsm

    How to upload file using jqgrid


    How can I use uploadify without the button flash. What’s the method to open de “SELECT FILE DIALOGUE”. Please help me!!!!! Thanks