jQuery Slideshow Plugin With Zoom, Shuffle And Fade Effects

jQuery Cycle plugin is a lightweight plugin which lets users to create animated slideshows.

jQuery already has slide plugins and this plugin covers most of the effects and some effects are based on other jQuery plugins.

The Cycle Plugin is split into two parts: the core engine and the transition definitions. The core engine provides the ‘fade’ transition effect and all the logic needed for defining and using custom transitions. The Transition pack includes all of the pre-defined transition effects for the Cycle Plugin.

jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Slideshow effects includes:

  • pause-on-hover
  • auto-stop,
  • auto-fit
  • before/after callbacks
  • click triggers
  • and many transition effects
  • whe first seen this we had to make a website for our webdesign compay, and I’ve told the coders to multiply the slidshow plugin, and the result was suprprisingly amazing (even to me, who had the idea…)

    check this out. same plugin, but multiplied.

  • james

    Please make a downloadable zip file. Thanks!

  • Raf

    This is not that good actually because the plugin requires you to put fixed height because it enforces position:relative and position:absolute. The size of the images has to be known beforehand or everything breaks.

  • Hey thanks. and do think about what Raf has also said.

  • Avin

    Everything works fine, but if you add a link to the image, IE does not display the picture. any remedy ?

  • Omid

    So good 🙂

  • Nice slideshow 🙂 I think I can use it somewhere in some project.

  • jQuery Cycle plugin is wonderful. I can do everything with this plugin

  • Thank you … this tutorial has me very helped.

  • Nice good tutorial thank you.

  • Rahul anand

    please make a zip file of complete plugin. Thanks

  • Nice stuff!

  • Jim

    I’m using the curtain x plugin in my project but it has a Javascript error, and the error continues as it flips or animates. any remedy?

  • Can’t get the jquery fade to work on my blackberry? Any suggestions?

  • Sean

    I don’t think the BlackBerry has javascript support by default.

  • ework

    Amazing !!
    Just love it 🙂

  • I used the code for fading but my image starts from mid of the container….please advice