jQuery UI 1.7 Is Out With Tons Of New Features

jQuery UI 1.7 is out with a lot of new features, a better core architecture, and major theming improvements.

First of all, it is jQuery 1.3 compatible, so you will be getting the performance jQuery 1.3 has.

Also, every plugin is optimized to produce a better HTML output for a more flexible usage. And, there is a new progress bar plugin.

jQuery UI 1.7

This new version comes with a new CSS framework that supports both jQuery UI plugins & any custom one to be developed Rather than the layout, the framework is concentrated on the UI design.

Besides these, everything that may be needed to use the new release is updated including the ThemeRoller, documentation & demos.

  • $(“#myname”).val();

    The progress bar is not a new plugin. It exists at least since 1.5 I guess.

  • Yes, you’re right, sorry for the confusion.

    This is the new progressbar plugin, an old one existed before. Updated the post.


  • Actually, progressbar is a new plugin in 1.7. It was not in 1.5. From the announcement: “We’ve also added a new progress bar plugin in this release.”