jWYSIWYG: jQuery Inline Content Editor Plugin

jWYSIWYG is a jQuery plugin for creating inline content editors easily.

It turns a textarea into an editor via a simple function below:


jQuery Inline Editor Plugin

It has very simple features that makes it suitable to be used in contact or comment forms & similar.

jWYSIWYG is lightweight (7kb packed) & provides the ability to add custom controls, like adding a "line break" function.

  • It doesn’t support Safari (Win/Mac)

  • Thanks for posting this one. I just saved it in delicious.

  • Greg


    ‘Sorry, ‘projects.bundleweb.com.ar’ does not exist or is not available.’

  • Greg

    Doubt the above is a permanent issue, but here’s a link to Google Code:

  • Beel Steven

    link does NOT work i guess…

  • @Greg,

    Links seems to be dead like you said.

    Thanks for the new link. I’ve updated it.

  • Very buggy, especially if you don’t wait until you’ve written it all before you start formatting.

  • Luc

    don’t bother – it’s got way too many bugs. Not supported by Jquery 1.3 either. Im searching for something better, there must be something that looks as good with the basic features too…

  • Thanks for posting this one. I just saved it in delicious.

  • jeff

    this is garbage… tried out a sample. so buggy.

  • Doesn’t work in Safari.

    Check here for some more info before you use this plugin in a production environment.


  • k, i didnt see Kompozer on there. Kompozer is the best wysiwyg editor and its free. Its an updated bug free version of NVU.

  • any way to change the width? formWidth doesnt seem to be working. i also tried using css on the textarea and its not changing the width either… bleh.