LazyFallback – Creating Fallbacks For Flash Files Quickly

For creating a highly animated banner, Flash is probably still the best solution. However, it is not completely supported anymore; some users prefer not to install it and the popular iOS doesn't have it at all.

So, creating fallbacks for Flash banners is a very good idea to make sure you display a visual for everyone and, LazyFallback -a free Adobe AIR application– handles this process well.


By simply drag 'n' dropping any number of SWF files to the application, it generates JPG alternatives for each of them quickly.

LazyFallback is a simple application which doesn't have many setting and only 2: defining the moment of the Flash animation for fallback generation and quality of JPGs.

P.S. What would possibly be better is the ability to get animated GIFs besides the JPGs.

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  1. Reply Synthetic Tone December 29, 2011 at 1:44 PM

    While this seems interesting, I agree that if it could generate animated .gifs it would be more useful. As it stands, it is easier to just include a .jpg or .gif format in the publishing settings of your Flash file before publishing the .swf unless you have embedded animations that aren’t visible on main timeline without first publishing which require a screenshot of the final frame and trimming. On the other hand, if it were to do animated .gifs I imagine it would be comparable to any other Flash alternative creating huge file sizes unusable in many website advertising delivery systems such as Yahoo and Google. Back to the drawing board boys 😉

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