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Open Source And Web-Native Flash: Frontal

With the latest discussions on Flash (whether it is dying or will become more powerful), here is an interesting project that Flash and HTML developers may both find useful: Frontal is an intuitive markup and scripting language that generates Flash and enables you to create interactive content, sites or apps. with a ...


Geo-Enable Websites With JS: YQL Geo Library

Geolocation is one of the most popular subjects for today's web & there are many solutions that help geo-enabling web applications. YQL Geo Library is an impressive resource for geolocation as it is totally free & JavaScript-based. It has various powerful features like: detecting the visitor’s ...


Data And Content Visualization: Simile Widgets

Simile Widgets is a set of open source web widgets for visualizing data & content. They are actually a spin-off from the Simile Project & improved over time by a community of open-source developers. Currently, it includes 4 widgets: Timeline Timeline is for creating an interactive display of events ...


Tiny CSS Framework For Rapid Layouts: EZ-CSS

EZ-CSS is a lightweight (only 1kb) CSS framework for easily creating table-less layouts. The framework enables you to create multiple columns of any width, with or without gutters of any width. EZ-CSS is very flexible: each module or layout contains a width-less container which prevents rounding issues or ...


Open Source MySQL Backup Application: Sypex Dumper

Sypex Dumper is an open source web application for creating instant or automated backups of MySQL databases. It is built with PHP, has an Ajaxed interface & can restore databases as well. The application can work with gb-level huge databases as it easily bypasses the timeout limits of PHP by pausing/starting ...


Mobile Web Application Framework: WebApp.Net

WebApp.Net is a feature-rich JavaScript framework for building mobile web applications. It provides a complete set of components (switch buttons, radio groups, etc.) that will help your website look & behave like a native mobile application. The framework has full support for Ajax & every action from ...


Move Elements With Style: JQuery Roundabout

JQuery Roundabout is an impressive plugin that converts HTML elements into highly-customizable & interactive turntable-like (and more) interfaces. By default, it works with ordered/un-ordered lists but with a little configuration it can convert any nested HTML structure. The plugin has a bunch of options for ...


Extend The Capabilities Of CSS With CSScaffold

CSScaffold is a PHP-powered CSS framework which will improve the development time by extending the CSS language. A great thing about the framework is, "it is written exactly like CSS", so, no need to learn a new syntax. How it works? CSScaffold sits in your CSS directory, & uses .htaccess files to ...


Open Source Job Board Application: JoobsBox

JoobsBox is an open source job board application which is built with PHP (Zend Framework) & MySQL. No membership is required to add new job listings & they can be posted under pre-defined categories. It comes with a plugin system which makes it possible to extend the application easily. There are already ...