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Maximum Table Functionality: DataTables

DataTables is a jQuery plugin for adding advanced interaction controls to HTML tables. It can add pagination, filtering and multi-column sorting functions to tables with ease. The plugin has multilanguage support & many features that make it flexible: Smart handling of column widths State saving ...


Open Source Online HTML Editor: Xinha

Xinha is a powerful & open source HTML (WYSIWYG) editor. It is a community-built script presenting various options for max. customization. It has lots of plugins that can be activated like: Character counter Find & replace Image manager HtmlTidy Spell checker & more. It is ...


Faster And More Reliable ActionScript Coding: CASA Lib

CASA Lib (formerly CASA Framework) is a flexible ActionScript library for coding more reliable & faster. It provides a core set of classes, interfaces, utilities & has AS2 - AS3 versions. It standardizes the loading of external files with an easy-to-use and consistent API. And, it has a powerul garbage ...


New WebKit Browser: Google Chrome

Google just launched their web browser Google Chrome. Good news is; developers won't have to test designs in one more browser as it uses the open source WebKit (the engine Safari uses). From a developer's point of view, Chrome shows us how Google sees the future of web applications with faster JavaScript rendering ...


3D Album Component For Flex (PicLens-Like)

This is an open source 3D album component for Flex which is similar to the Cooliris's (formerly PicLens) attractive interface. The component is inspired from the 3D album tutorial of Bartek Drozdz. The download package includes examples besides the source code for easier developing.


Flash Data Visualization Library: Flare

Flare is an ActionScript library for visualizing data like creating charts, graphs and complex interactive graphics. The library supports data management, visual encoding, animation, and interaction techniques. It provides a modular design which enables you to create customized techniques easier. Flare has a ...


Sparklines (Small Inline Charts) With jQuery

jQuery Sparklines is a plugin for creating sparklines on the fly. What is a sparkline: They are data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics that are commonly used in market, stock activity and can be implemented anywhere (via Wikipedia). This plugin supports: Line graphs Bar charts And, ...


Use Flickr’s Image Uploader On Your Website

Flickr's Flash file uploader is one of the most functional uploaders a developer can think of. It supports: Multiple file selection in a single "Open File" dialog. File extension filters for easier selection. Upload progress tracking. Filename, size, date created, date modified, and ...


Feature-Rich YUI Extension: Bubbling Library

Bubbling Library is an easy to adopt Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library extension for event-driven applications. It consists of a set of plugins, behaviors and widgets. This YUI extension has the following features: Plugins Dispatcher Lighter Form Manager ...