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-1° Open Source Web Office: OpenGoo

OpenGoo is an open source web office for any company/team to create, collaborate, share and publish all its internal and external documents. The application is in beta status & built with the mashup approach - by combining multiple solutions & offering it as a single package. Information that can be ...


Form Validation + Ajax Submit With ProtoForm

ProtoForm is a "very easy to implement', lightweight (4kb) & unobtrusive form validation & Ajaxed submit solution that depends on Prototype. It can validate: e-mail date telephone number URL Parameters are mentioned within the attributes like: <input type="text" ...


HTML To PDF Rendering Engine: dompdf

dompdf is a HTML to PDF conversion / rendering engine written in PHP 5. It downloads and reads external stylesheets, inline style tags, and the style attributes of individual HTML elements. It also supports most presentational HTML attributes. It enables rendering via PDFlib or R&OS CPDF class which can be ...


Feature-Rich PHP Mailer Library: Swift Mailer

Swift Mailer is a feature-rich PHP mailer library for sending e-mails from PHP websites and applications. It does not rely on PHP's native mail() class which consumes high resources. Instead, Swift communicates directly with an SMTP server or a MTA binary to send mail quickly and efficiently. Swift supports ...


Flash Rich Text Editor: obedit

obedit is a Flash rich text editor that uses PHP for saving, loading and other server related features. It has most of the text editing features like: bold, italic,underline justification, block indents, text color, font and size selection, links, bullets, background color, and ...


Cross-Browser WYSIWYG Editor: openWYSIWYG

openWYSIWYG is a free cross-browser WYSIWYG editor that's shipped with most of the rich-text editing features you need. This editor works as a textarea replacement with a single line of code. It can be used with any programming language as it is coded entirely in JavaScript. Some features of this free HTML ...


Process Images Easily In PHP With Asido

Image processing is needed in almost every web application like creating watermarks, uploading & resizing avatars, cropping them & similar tasks. Asido is a feature-rich image processing class for PHP that fits to any environment like GD2, Magick Wand and Image Magick. It supports both PHP4 & PHP5 (newer ...


Manage Flash Sounds Via MooTools: MooSound

Few posts ago, we had mentioned SoundManager (WRD post link), a JavaScript API for controlling Flash sounds. MooSound is a very similar API for MooTools (thanks to Ruslan for suggesting the resource). MooSound's poweful features let you reach almost every aspect of the flash sounds like: start, stop, pause ...


wForms: Easy JavaScript Form Controls

For the projects that you don't already have form controls, wForms is an open source unobtrusive JavaScript form controls library that you'll find very useful. It includes input validation, tooltips, field synchronization controls and more. How to use wForms? It is pretty easy. After inserting the javaScript ...