Lighter And Faster Social Networking Widgets With SocialCount

Most of the websites include social networking widgets like Facebook “Like” or Twitter’s “tweet” buttons that ease sharing of the content.

The major drawback with the widgets is the performance loss due to the multiple requests made and files loaded.

SocialCount, a jQuery plugin, with only ~3kb in size (minified-gzipped) and provides a much lighter solution for them.

SocialCount jQuery Plugin

It has support for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, doesn’t auto-load the widgets and only loads them when user hovers the related widget which ends up in lots of performance and speed gain.

In total, the plugin makes 1 JS request, 1 CSS request, 1 optional request for icons and 1 optional AJAX request for counts (compared to 25 total requests for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus widgets)

SocialCount works with mouse, touchscreen or keyboard and comes in multiple sizes.

  • Paul

    Doesn’t work. And it seems more than me have the same problem. Good idea, bad product. I wish this bundle option came directly from fb, tw or g+ instead.

  • Hey Paul, SocialCount developer here. What issue are you seeing? Can you file it on GitHub?

    It isn’t likely that a uniform solution for the Big 3 are going to develop a cross-network solution. You can help improve the options we do have!


  • Wow, I almost used proper English at the end there. Anyway, the sentiment still stands.