Lightweight JavaScript Animation Library: $fx()

$fx() is a JavaScript animation library which is only 3.7kb.

Within a timeline, any CSS property can be altered. And also:

  • you can combine effects
  • group them to the chains and run parallel
  • set different callbacks what gives you even more flexibility.

JavaScript Animation Library

$fx() is definitely not an alternative to other well-known JavaScript frameworks. On the other hand it does its job (animation) good & if that’s what you need, then it saves you from loading bigger sizes of JS files.

Have a look at the examples.

  • A nice simple library. Certainly better than adding jQuery for small simple effects.

  • Karl

    It does look very nice. My only concern is memory leaks, because it extends DOM nodes. I haven’t looked at the source thoroughly though, so he may have catered for this.

  • I created a similar library for javascript animations; lighweight at less than 4kb compressed and standalone. See

  • It looks so small and simple. Really practical… Congratulations.