Lightweight Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu

This is an easy to implement multi-level drop-down menu.

It is lightweight (1.2kb) & supports multiple instances on one page.

Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu

Rather than complicated JavaScript backends, this script converts an unordered list into a menu.

Sub-menus are displayed with an easing animation & it supports all major browsers.

  • Kees

    Great menu. I just wonder how you can hide the menu before the onclick is called. In my case the onclick takes some time. I’am using the menu as a application main menu.
    At the moment the menu only disapears after a mouseout (see the demo, click on Navigation Item 1, and the (sub)menu stays visible, until you leave the submenuitem with the mouse, unlike a menu in i.e. Word).


  • thanks

  • web

    just what i’ve been looking for

  • Devika

    This url is not workig for me…flickering happen to the menu.

  • Steve

    Great work. Tried to implement it, and it worked under Google Chrome, but under Internet Explorer 8 the menus do a continuous reapearing/disappearing after “mouseout”.

  • Multi drop down CSS menu is great. Even rackspace is using it for their web site.