Lightweight Rounded Corners: DD_roundies

DD_roundies is another rounded corners solution that is very easy to implement & cross-browser compliant.

This rounded corners script doesn’t use any images, works in IE6 without AlphaImageLoader & lightweight (3.62kb compressed).

Easy Rounded Corners

Radius of the corners are not fixed & can be defined.

As the major problem for rounded corners lies beneath IE, this rounded corners script uses VML (inspired from Jonathan Snook’s solution). A possible future problem is IE8 -currently- does not support VML.

  • lutje hulsik

    haha, big fail @ trying to make a nice comp for current ie while future ie doesnt support it

  • aaa doesnt go through opera either!

  • neogrey

    I don’t care about Opera, really 🙂 so it works for me – THANKS!!!

  • That’s great, I am going to use it in my new web.

  • rexter

    Not Good!
    I see it in opera v10.10 & it don’t work …