Live Edit Any Page In 5 Seconds

This is a simple line of JavaScript code which you can copy-paste to your browser and makes any webpage editable.

Here is an example:

JavaScript Edit Code

This is a method which some people create fake Google Analytics & Adsense reports.

But, it is very handy to use when you simply want to see how a page would seem with a different text or without a menu, etc.

Here is the code:

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Copy & paste it to your browser and start editing that page.

  • This is pretty cool. What would be the benefit of this though??

  • You can easily edit a menu item to if it fits or remove an image. I think it can sometimes be good for preview/testing purposes.

  • Wow. Cool. I heard you can save the page too but I am not sure how. Save as webpage maybe?

  • Kyle Kinnaman

    I made this a bookmarklet so when I have a client looking over my shoulder I can edit quickly inpage. Saves me from opening Firebug or an HTML editor. This will be huge for quick prototyping/client explanations.

  • @Kyle,

    That’s a great idea & I just did it too.

    You can save the page after editing (save page as).

  • ed

    You can do this with the webdeveloper toolbar for firefox as well. Pretty easy – and you can do it on any page even with out adding code.

  • Felix

    Is there a way to edit (hidden) form fields as well?

  • Firefox web developer extension has this feature.