Manage Files Over An Ajax Interface: CKFinder

CKFinder is a powerful ajax file manager. Its simple interface makes it intuitive and quick to learn for all kinds of users, from advanced professionals to Internet beginners.

Ajax File Manager

For the best integration, CKFinder offers ASP, ASP.Net, Coldfuson & PHP versions.


  • Folders tree navigation: intuitive for all users.
  • Quality image thumbnails, making it quick to find things.
  • Sensitive context menus for files and folders.
  • Full user control: create, rename and delete folders and files.
  • Full developer control: all features can be precisely configured with a powerful ACL and user roles system.
  • Lightweight interface.
  • No page refreshes: quick responses.
  • Secure file uploads: all uploaded files are checked according to the rules set by the developer.
  • Full source code included for the server side integration.
  • Instant integration with FCKeditor


  • ZeRo

    es de pago!!!!
    You should pay for CKFinder BUUUUU!!!!

  • god

    Why should you pay for something that should be free?
    Tinymce has ckfinder integrated…

  • Papa Joe

    Now you shouldn’t pay for CKFinder. Try the free open-source alternative – KCFinder

  • How can i get the License key of ck-finder.