Migrating From Subversion To Git Quickly With SubGit

First of all, if you already are not using any version control systems, you definitely should. As, sometimes, the ability to bring back a single line of code is priceless.

Subversion and Git have both pros and cons however, lately, it is certain that Git is getting more popular over Subversion.

If you are planning to migrate to Git but searching for a solution sans-headache, SubGit can be the solution.


It behaves like a synchronization tool between the 2 version control systems, users can keep using the system they prefer but the files will stay up-to-date in both of them. And, at any time, you can drop one of them.

The best thing about SubGit is that there is no need to change configuration of the current setup so you can always revert back.

P.S. The application is currently under beta status.