Monoslideshow: Amazing Flash Image/Video Viewer – 3 Licenses Giveaway

Monoslideshow, a beautiful & customizable Flash image / video viewer, is giving away 3 licenses (€ 25 value/license) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details on joining the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the post.

What is Monoslideshow?

It is a flexible XML-driven Flash image & video viewer to easily display them on your website with style.

Whether a professional portfolio or a simple image rotator, Monoslideshow can handle them all.

Flash Image - Video Viewer

With over 500 options like:

  • dimensions
  • custom fonts
  • enable/disable startup logo
  • background sounds per media

& 10+ professional effects, creating something unique is not difficult. Also, besides the XML file, various settings can be configured via the JavaScript & AS3 API.

The media presented in Monoslideshow can be categorized inside albums & quickly switched between with a "click" for faster browsing.

Another great feature is the RSS support which makes it possible to create image slideshows from Flickr, etc.

How To Win The Free Licenses?

You have 2 options to join the giveaway where you can do both of them to increase the chance of winning:

Winners will be selected randomly on 10 August 2009 (1 week later).

Good luck to all.

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    That’s a really good-looking viewer!


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    I want the license – this slideshow is incredible! Much better than slideshowpro!!

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  • I actually took a look at Mono Slide Show earlier today via a Deck ad on Daring Fireball. It appeals to me more than Slide Show Pro aesthetically (sorry Todd Dominey). SSP does have it’s pluses too and I’m sure I’ll continue to keep using it. If nothing else Mono Slide Show good competition.

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    Love it! Extremely clean and…gotta love that Ken Burns effect! There’s a ton of slideshows out there, but this obviously has a lot of work put into it. I want the license!

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    thanks Monokai and Umut for this giveaways !

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