Mootools Slideshow: Slideshow 2

Slideshow 2 is an open source Mootools slideshow class for streaming and animating the presentation of images.

Mootools Slideshow Script

This Mootools slideshow offers impressive features with a great usability like calling it with 1 line of code:

new Slideshow('show', ['1.jpg', '2.jpg', '3.jpg'], { controller: true, hu: 'images/' });

When you mouse-over the images a slide-controller appears which lets you control the images. And, there are various transition effects that can be configured.

Features of Slideshow 2:

  • Dynamic resizing – Slideshow can accommodate any size presentation.
  • Thumbnails – intelligent, auto-scrolling, tracking, etc.
  • Full-featured controller – completely style-able with CSS.
  • Animated captions – plain text or formatted with HTML.
  • Fully accessible – Slideshow can be controlled with access keys.
  • Automagic slideshows – create slideshows from existing HTML images.
  • Varied hyperlinking options – allows for mashups with Lightbox, Slimbox, etc.
  • CSS slide transitions – designed in stylesheets, not javascript, allow for an infinite combination of effects (plus support for all Robert Penner transitions).
  • Unobtrusive and degradable – Slideshow even functions with Javascript turned off!

Several different implementations can be found at Slideshow 2 website.

  • Pretty nice. I prefer the JQuery slideshow though, seems to run much smoother. Although, if you have Mootools installed, couldn’t hurt to give this a try. Good find.

  • Carla da Silva Flor

    I would like to know if the slideshow2 is accessible to screen readers.

  • Meshuggah

    I use it with But the auto-scrolling of thumbnails doesn’t work when it load firstly. Then, when I update the browser’s page it works. And when I update page again it doesn’t work. after next updating it again works. And it repeats again and again. Does anybody know what should I do with this problem?

  • I like it.