MotionCAPTCHA – Drawing-Based Captcha With jQuery

Captchas are usually hard to use and boring. However they help a lot in minimizing headaches on the application-side by making sure that "an action is performed by a human".

MotionCAPTCHA, a jQuery plugin, offers a different type of captcha by asking the users to draw the shape displayed. It is not only different but also fun and can even be easier to-use for touch devices.

The project is currently a proof-of-concept considering the captcha is only verified on the client-side and can be manipulated. However, the next version is planned to have server-side and better browser support. Looking forward to it!


  • Going to use this for our mobile website. Thanks for sharing!

  • I personally don’t like captchas, but this a really cool one. Thanks for the great resource.

  • Thats actually a pretty cool idea! I like it.

  • cool one , but all captcha’s FAIL
    captcha must be stopped , use dummy input

  • Cri

    Nick, dummy fields can be manually fixed in the bot script. Captcha cannot.

  • Hey, thanks for the comments guys! Those of you who want to actually use this, stay tuned for the 1.0 release before trying to! If you hit watch on the github repo, you’ll get notified when it’s production ready 🙂

  • Alex

    Hi there Joss Crowcroft

    Do you know when the 1.0 will be released ?