New Google Analytics Code For Better Load Times

Google Analytics has recently announced a new asynchronous tracking code that can "optionally" be replaced with the old one.

The new code does not block the website while it loads which will improve the loading times.

Google Analytics LogoIt also aims to provide more accurate results as it can be installed inside <head></head> tags (rather than before the </body> tag) and will be able to collect data from visitors that quit the webpage before it loads fully. This way, "any possible tracking errors from dependencies when the JavaScript not being fully loaded" are also eliminated.

More information can be found in the official announcement & the "Asynchronous Tracking Usage Guide".

  • It sounds good but I need to test it first. Thanks.

  • Em

    That’s great news! You should have in mind, though, that the new code is in Beta and it’s probably not as robust yet as the old one.

  • Tom

    Still need to load a piece of code synchronously … Still blocking sites ;-(