OmnistarMailer: Web Based Email Marketing Software

OmnistarMailer is a web based e-mail marketing & autoresponder software.

It is an installable application that is built with PHP & uses MySQL to store data.


It enables you to create unlimited e-mail lists/members to:

  • send them manual or automated newsletters/campaigns
  • make online surveys
  • send automated reminders (for ex: in birthdays)

And users can be added:

  • manually
  • by collecting data via an "integrated form builder" that forms can be embedded into your website.

The campaign manager is a very strong e-sales tool as you can track clicks of newsletters & market your products only to users who viewed your campaign or autoresponder.

OmnistarMailer AutoResponder Application

OmnistarMailer has a feature-rich & smart auto-responder mechanism.

Once a user signs up to your mailing list, you can use this autoresponder software to schedule a series of follow up emails. You can schedule unlimited emails to go out to your users with separate time intervals.

Some other features

  • There are various ready to use e-mail templates
  • Multilingual (translate to any language by simply updating a file)
  • Can be re-branded (can be sold as a product of your own)
  • Supports big maillists
  • Has a comprehensive bounce reporting system
  • Detailed reports on every step
  • Data import & export
  • & more (see all features)

Special discount

This web based email marketing software is also offering a 20% discount to WRD readers. You can simply use the promotion code: "webresources" for that.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review

  • Generally a good idea. But isn’t these ‘paid for solutions’ being promoted a bit too much here? I used to like this site for giving us an overview of available goodies (which mostly were mere Open Source) ..

  • Wazooka

    I agree. I think it should be about free software or about software that was made free (as in contest).

  • Well someone has to pay the bills.

  • @Charlie, @Wazooka & @Andrew,

    I appreciate the comments & your positive criticism. Make sure they are well-heard.

  • Actually, this looks pretty inexpensive as a lot of those programs go and it maybe just what I needed (or at least got me thinking about some other ways to tackle a problem I was trying to figure out). If we decide to go with it, the discount code will come in handy.