Online Website Speed Analyzer: GTmetrix

The speed of a website is a very important factor for providing a better browsing experience to visitors (which directly effects the success of a website).

Specially, after Google announced that "speed" became one of the elements in its search ranking, it is clear that web designers/developers should be focusing more on this.


GTmetrix is a free and online website speed analyzer which uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow as the analyzing engines and display their results + recommendations online.

It enables you to compare multiple URLs and, once signed up, you can:

  • view the past tests ran to compare with the current results
  • schedule daily/weekly/monthly automated checks
  • save reports
  • set any report to be public or private

GTmetrix also has a bookmarklet which you can run a test for any website with a click.

  • David

    content quality > speed

    Google will still show sites with better quality content first before sites with poorer quality content, even if the speed of the poorer ones are faster than the better one.

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • *Unfortunately, my blog taking a percentage of 64% of the scale YSlow, and 85% in the speed of the site.
    *Website gave me tips will
    To improve browsing speed on my site and will make it a better turnout than previous years.
    *I thank very much the subject ..

  • Hi
    It was great.
    Thanks alot

  • jim

    Wow Wonderful, very interesting.

  • A brilliant resource, I will go back to the drawing board now, improve and be back to test my site again. Highly recommended!

  • Well done, this is the best I can say after trying so may things, google page speed is good to show the room for improvement but not the actual numbers, thank you

  • Thanks for pointing on GTmetrix page speed analyzer!
    However, although the speed of the site is important, still the content is the first thing that matters.

  • I’ve tried gtmetrix. Great thing! Very detailed analysis. This service also gives tips how to improve your website.