Open Source & Ajaxed Webmail: Roundcube

Roundcube is an open source webmail application with a slick, desktop-like interface.

It is multilingual (already comes with 60+ languages) and offers most of the functionality you can expect from a webmail like:

  • full support for MIME and HTML messages
  • composing messages with attachments
  • find-as-you-type address book integration
  • Richtext/HTML message composing
  • Forwarding messages with attachments
  • searching messages and contacts
  • threaded message listing
  • spell checking

Roundcube Webmail

Messages can be managed with drag'n drops, users can have multiple sender identities and it can work with unlimited users/messages.

Roundcube is built with PHP and requires MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or MSSQL for storing the data.

It has a plugin API for building extensions and adding custom features.

  • hmm…thats great! okay,i’ll try

  • Yes this is!

  • Gustavo

    RoundCube is one of the best opensource webmails, if not the best.

  • any demo for this library ?

  • Chip

    has anyone figured out how to configure roundcube to manage multiple imap accounts?

  • jason

    multiple imap? Use postfixadmin