Open Source Bug Tracking App – BugKick

BugKick is an open source bug tracking and task management application (source is hosted on GitHub) that is “light” in means of features (which i sometimes nice).

It is built with PHP-MySQL and allows teams to define projects, add tasks to them (which can be tagged with anything like “bug” or “feature request”) and assign to teammates.


Discussions under each task is possible, status updates about each of them are delivered via e-mail and closed ones are not deleted but kept.

There is an API for integrating it into our own apps and a JavaScript snippet + a contact form helps users to submit bugs too.

  • Danny

    Spent a little time looking at BugKick, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the source code. If you are looking for a solutions to run on your own web server, this is probably not a good choice. There is no documentation, and the files in the code are so poorly commented, the installation process is nearly impossible to figure out, and the dependencies are not clear at all, so chances are on most servers, it will not run “out-of-the-box” at all. After over 2 hours looking at the script and installed it on several different servers with different configurations, I was finally able to get it to install sorta correctly on a UNIX box, but it was riddled with issues like, CSS not loading, no admin panel access that I could find, broken page links, and on and on. Might run well as a service for them, but as far as being open source, it leaves little on the table of value to the end user.

  • Bing

    Its as buggy as hell, and as mentioned with no documentation.
    Danny – what did you change to even get it half running.
    I’m getting an initial error of The table “{{user}}” for active record class “User” cannot be found in the database.

  • Bing

    Got that bit fixed, but now by registration

    MySQL error #01 during registration.

  • Bing

    And then to see if i can login

    Declaration of UserBlock::insert() should be compatible with that of CActiveRecord::insert()