Open Source CMS With A Drag & Drop Interface: ImpressPages

ImpressPages is an open source CMS application where you can create and edit while browsing.

Creating new themes requires only the knowledge of HTML-CSS and with the help of a drag 'n' drop interface, texts, videos, photos (or photo galleries) and even forms can be inserted quickly + positioned as you wish.


The application is SEO friendly with the URLs generated, automated sitemap and ability to edit meta tags for all pages.

Multilanguage websites are handled in a very flexible way; once a new language is added and the content is created, users can be auto-forwarded to the language matching the setting of their browsers.

There is a built-in newsletter module where you can collect e-mails and send good looking newsletters to users.

ImpressPages also has many other features including RSS support, spam protection for contact forms, logging + error-reporting for the administrator and more.

  • I never heard of ImpressPages… Will check out…
    Thanks for sharing

  • isabelle

    This cms is just great, have been using it for some months now, still very young but so many great features!

  • tekrung

    Looks very promising. Waiting for version 2.0 to try out in production.

  • Joseph Aristotil

    Finally i got easy to use content management system. thanks a lot. Also waiting for the further updates…

    thanks once again…

  • Jay, India

    I have used Drupal, Joomla and WordPress in the past. This sure looks interesting.

  • Chandu,India

    Gud to see this type of CMS framework. I have a query “Is there any chance a plugin like to generate dynamic forms with CRUD operations?”